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ITAS - Integrated Test Automation Solution

Integrated Test Automation Solution

About ITAS

Build a firm understanding of business and IT concerns and develop automated solutions which provide users with more control. Create enterprise level solution for technology ecosystems to integrate and test platforms.

Evaluate existing technology and processes while streamlining the Testing Discipline, thus optimizing the overall technology portfolio. Quicker implementation cycles without compromising quality.


ITAS - for Enterprise Test Automation

ITAS for Enterprise Test Automation

Now ITAS can automate testing script less...

  • Recommended by the architecture and technology teams
  • No coding or software development skills required for your testing team
  • Automate your testing in parallel with app development, saving critical time
  • Create enterprise level solution for technology ecosystems to integrate and test platforms
  • Highly customizable solution suitable for any business need
  • Open architecture ensures the highest level of scalability, and performance
  • Supports configurable, real time data load options
  • Functional, regression and performance testing with integration workflow capability
  • Connects to most defect tracking and test management tools
  • Plug & Play Architecture without learning new skills

ITAS - For Performance Engineering

ITAS For Performance Engineering

With ITAS, load and performance testing is at finger tips...

  • Enterprise performance testing platform
  • Performance testing of all technology platforms in one simple interface
  • No programming/scripting skills required
  • Performance Testing with real user experience
  • No need to do the functional and performance testing preparations separately.
  • Ability to run anytime and as many times as you want
  • With simple click, you can expand the number of users and servers within minutes in the cloud
  • Real-time performance monitoring through interactive charts and graphs
  • Performance metrics to do the comparison among different loads
  • Doing stress, load, performance, functional and regressing testing in one place
  • True simulation of geographically distributed users
  • Minimum startup time. Less than a day in most cases
  • Minimum cost with Cloud infrastructure. Pay as you go model

ITAS - Key Suported Platforms

ITAS Key Suported Platforms

Environment Setup

Have ITAS setup the test data for your environments. Because of the vast platform support, ITAS can be configured to backup, clear and load an environment, prior to execution.

True End-to-End Testing

ITAS's workflow testing feature allows you to string together automated tests from different, down-stream systems. This means you can test web, mainframe, and Web Services with a single test.

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