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Performance Testing – Welcome to

Performance Testing

ITAS for On-Demand Performance Testing

Fusion’s ITAS has pre-built and pre-configured native connectors for most environments, for real time integration testing. Built in functionality to monitor the server utilization charts in real time. Real-time performance monitoring through interactive charts and graphs. Finding the performance root cause quickly via innovative connectors at component level. ITAS takes minimum startup time, less than a day in most cases to configure and start building test cases.

Key Features

  • Enterprise performance testing platform
  • Performance testing of all technology platforms in one simple interface
  • No programming/scripting skills required
  • Performance Testing with real user experience
  • No need to do the functional and performance testing preparations separately.
  • With simple click, one can expand the number of users and servers within minutes in the cloud
  • Real-time performance monitoring through interactive charts and graphs
  • Performance metrics to do the comparison among different loads
  • True simulation of geographically distributed users

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Performance Test Mobile Application Testing

Run your regression, anytime, unattended with ITAS. In fact, kick it off automatically, when your build gets delivered with ITAS API interface integrating with CI platform. Begin developing your automation scripts before the build arrives. Integrated with other systems? No problem, we support over 50 platforms. How well is your integrated application performing? ITAS can tell you. Run your functional tests in performance mode to generate just about any user load scenario you can dream of.

Key Features

  • Access your automated testing from anywhere in the world
  • Deploy on private or public cloud or on premise
  • Securely store your test data
  • Visual interface for developing automation eliminates the need for coding
  • Centralized and modular meaning you spend less time updating test cases

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ITAS – Results Achieved Using ITAS

An Existing Customer Case Study

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