Benefits of using ITAS

EDW Testing Guidelines using ITAS

Native connectivity to all ETL Engines and Databases currently available in market
Testing Data Model, Metadata and Data Dictionary

  • Checking for completeness of every single element in data feed
  • Physical and Logical design of data and storage models both in EDW and Big Data

Source to Target data testing

  • End to end business work flow testing through simple drag/drop interfaces
  • Aggregation and Transformation of data
  • Multiple source and target validations in one place in a workflow model
  • Data integrity through requirements and business rules engine
  • Big Data testing at HDFS partition level

End User Extracts and Reports testing

  • Extract layouts and Dashboards validations
  • Symantec and syntactic rules checking along with custom rules engine

Performance testing

  • Load testing, Stress and volume testing
  • One time load and Incremental updates validations

Non-functional testing

  • Recovery, Restart, Error logging, Mail, Monitoring, Purge, Archive testing
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