Complexity in the DW/Big Data Platform

Current Challenges for Testing Data Quality of Big Data Platform
Six key factors in Big Data Implementation that leads to Data Quality issues


  • The quantity of the data that is generated is extremely important
  • Variety

  • Different types of the data that is coming in the Hadoop system
  • Velocity

  • Speed with which data is generated and processed
  • Variability

  • Factors impacting analytics of the data.
  • Veracity

  • Accuracy of analytics depends on the veracity of the source data
  • Complexity

  • Data managements can become a very complex system

Some of the unique key identifiers that make it more complex

  • No User Interface
  • Frequent Software upgrades
  • Constant System Integration changes with the source and target systems
  • Incomplete data and Exceptions
  • Dynamic Rules
  • Standard system upgrades
  • Test Data Management
  • Testing environment size
  • Hardware failure risk
  • Security
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