Edge Server Implementation

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) consists of provisions to expand its health care coverage, improve the delivery system outcomes and control costs. The Implementation of numerous provisions has already begun, and will continue to be rolled out for which major changes will be occurring in the year 2014.Fusion’s Edge Server Implementation helps you in connecting your health information systems to your Health Information Exchange (HIE) Core Framework, so you don’t have to connect your system with the other providers’ systems.

Once your system is linked, Edge Server acts as the guardian of your data and serves as a single gateway to the entire exchange. Patient data is automatically transmitted to other provider systems and with the help of patient consent is made accessible to authorized users throughout the exchange.

Fusion’s Edge Server Implementation will provide a single gateway to the entire exchange, thereby avoiding the need for expensive and time consuming point-to-point connections to physicians. Patient data is automatically pushed to ordering providers’ EMRs. EMRs along with patient consent are made accessible to authorized users, throughout the exchange.

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