Performance Testing in DW

ITAS Unique Features

  • Script-less interface for doing test automation
  • Test cases stored in xml format for flexibility and reuse
  • Dynamically creating controls for user simulation
  • Creating test cases by drag/drop of the objects repository in order to create a testing workflow
  • Creating a business workflow testing through simple drag and drop of the test cases connecting multiple technologies
  • Dynamically passing parameters and values among the different test cases in a business workflow chain
  • Loading test cases from text, csv, excel data sources.
  • Loading test cases from direct database mapping
  • Browser based testing supporting multiple browsers and multiple versions
  • Capability to run same test cases for multiple environments including testing, alpha, beta, user acceptance test, etc.
  • Supporting all platforms integration testing including Mainframe, Data warehouse ETL tools, Cognos, Desktop, etc.
  • Dynamically populating visual controls for inserting test data in web services test cases
  • Mapping the visual controls to the database sources for the functional validation as a part of test execution
  • Simple drag/drop of the web services test cases in order to create a logical chain of test cases for single execution
  • Creating batches by simply drag/drop of the test cases without any programming knowledge required
  • Including Data warehouse testing and Business Intelligence testing in the same portal
  • Creating true workflow testing by doing source to target testing along with execution of the ETL scripts in one test case
  • Capability to test XML sources with the database as a target
  • Doing performance testing using same test cases created in functional testing saving time for rework
  • Picking up the servers and users to simulate from simple dropdown controls
  • No programming required for doing performance testing
  • Role based security implemented to give users different types of access to the portal
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