ITAS – Testing Problems Go Away With ITAS

    Run your regression, anytime, unattended…

  • In fact, kick it off automatically, when your build gets delivered
  • Develop your automated tests, without programming, with our easy to use drag and drop interface
  • Begin developing your automation scripts before the build arrives
  • integrated with other systems? No problem, we support over 40 platforms
  • How well does your application perform?
  • ITAS can tell you. Run your functional tests in performance mode to generate just about any user load scenario you can dream of within no time using our cloud on demand architecture
  • Access your automated testing from anywhere in the world
  • Collaborate with geographically dispersed teams
  • Deploy on private or public cloud or on premise

ITAS – Advantage

Automation can help overcome many testing challenges, but traditional automation introduces new challenges…

Traditional Automation


  • Requires expensive developer skillsets
  • licensing and yearExpensively maintenance

Cost Effective

  • No development skills necessary to build automation
  • Affordable monthly/yearly pricing that includes maintenance

Limited Technology Support

  • Lack of platform support means you need multiple tools and skillsets to automate an end to end test

Broad Technology Support

  • Supports most platforms and technologies
  • Supports performance testing, so you can use your functional ITAS scripts to generate load against your system


  • Doesn’t integrate well with other tools and open source offerings
  • Requires purchase of expensive tools to integrate


  • Existing integration with many other test and development tools
  • Use your existing tools or select open source offerings

ITAS – Guiding Principles

  • Access your automated testing from anywhere in the world
  • Collaborate with geographically dispersed teams
  • Deploy on private or public cloud
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Maintenance included in cost, no yearly surprises
  • Free software updates
  • Securely store your test data
  • SSL encryption ensures cloud connectivity is protected
  • Manage user access and permissions
  • Visual interface for developing automation eliminates the need for coding
  • Centralized and modular meaning you spend less time updating scripts
  • Plug & Play Architecture without learning new skills
  • Create test cases once and leverage the same suite for Functional, Automated Regression and Performance Testing
  • Integrates with test management, defect and requirement tools
  • Open source support
  • Enterprise Integration to several platforms (Web, middleware and legacy systems..)

ITAS – Benefits of Test Automation

Shorter Software Release Cycle

  • Reduction in manual execution results in faster test completion
  • Can be executed daily, provides flexibility to take on additional builds without the same testing overhead
  • Speed to market. Shortest possible time required for testing

Improved Quality

  • Can still run significant regression for unplanned builds leading to better coverage
  • Not prone to manual error
  • Allows manual testing effort to focus on areas of concern, increasing coverage in higher risk areas

Reduced Costs

  • 24×7 working capabilities without resource costs
  • Improved quality and shorter development cycles result in cost savings

ITAS – Results Achieved Using ITAS

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