Integration testing

Integration testing

Supported Platforms for Integration testing

ITAS not only test the Salesforce applications but it also has built in connectors and adaptors to all the following technology platforms

  • Mainframe
  • EDI
  • ESB and MQ
  • All the leading industry Databases
  • Web Portals
  • Web Services
  • Data warehouses
  • Business Intelligence platforms
  • JD Edwards
  • SAP

Practically, you can simulate the test cases between Salesforce and any other technology that exist today. Additionally, ITAS hasa separate module which supports the testing of data transformationsacross the platform. This allows the teams not only to test the front end UI testing but to also complete data integrity checks in the transformations among the systems.

4 unique ways to do integration from Salesforce to 3rd parties

  • 1. Mashups
  • 2. Application Integration
  • 3. Data Integration
  • Realtime
  • Near realtime
  • Batch
  • 4. Data Cleansing

Our innovative solution supports testing on all these 4 integration techniques.

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