ITAS for Salesforce

ITAS for Salesforce

Why Test Automation is a necessity and not a “nice to have feature” for Salesforce

Complexity of Salesforce applications are increasing every day.

  • Numerous 3rd party products/software is integrated to Salesforce platform making it an enormous task to test manually.
  • Increasing the time and effort required to test the end to end business processes.
  • Multiple integration points to test interactions with Salesforce further increases complexity.
  • Multiple releases from Salesforce every year that can impact the current business increases the value of testing backward compatibility

New features integration with the existing implementation across the platform makes testing essential.

What Fusion can do to help the large community of Salesforce

Fusion’s ITAS is a next generation test automation product (ITAS) that does not require any programming skills.

  • Allows Business teams to easily execute user acceptance testing without focusing on the architecture, design and coding of the applications.
  • With innovative connectors, all the data can reside within Salesforce in order to provide the desired level of data security.
  • No new infrastructure is required to run this Test Automation platform for Cloud based option.
  • ITAS supports integration testing – connecting to 3rd party products in order to simulate the real life testing experience.
  • Simplicity, flexibility and speed to market are the key ingredients of the ITAS solution.
  • With this unique innovative product, thousands of test cases and scenarios can be executed in a day.
  • Lightning fast performance and reliability
  • Intuitive reporting


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