Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Performance testing is one of the key disciplines in ensuring the quality of end product in software development area. There are several ways of doing the performance testing including but not limited to stress testing, load testing, endurance testing, soak testing, etc. Similar to functional testing process of the software development, performance testing process follows the similar path. That is: identify the test environment, solidify the acceptance criteria, prepare a plan and design the test cases to execute, configure the environment, load a reasonable size dataset, execute the test cases, analyze results as well as environments, find tune the system and redo the execution again.

  There are several tools that exist in the market today which provide difference ways of accomplishing the same goal. However, there is one common drawback in their approach. All those existing products require significant programming skills and the preparation of the performance test cases from scratch. That is where ITAS (Integrated Test Automation Solution) comes into the picture. With this unique platform, the performance testing folks can utilize the same test cases which are already prepared during the functional testing phase. Also, there is no programming require to script these test cases. Even non-technical folks can prepare, execute and analyze the test results. It is an innovative approach to address the existing deficiencies in the current approach. ITAS also provides an out of the box operations reporting engine that monitors the health of the servers. Obviously the business benefit is to use one simple interface for not only executing but reporting and monitoring on the servers statistics simultaneously.

Benefits of using ITAS for Performance Testing

  • Enterprise performance testing platform – One stop shop for all your performance testing needs
  • Performance testing of all technology platforms in one simple interface
  • No programming/scripting skills required
  • Performance Testing with real user experience
  • Saves critical time while letting the teams to focus on tuning the actual application
  • No need to do the functional and performance testing preparations separately.
  • Being proactive in finding bottlenecks before user do
  • Ability to run anytime and as many times as you want
  • With simple click, you can expand the number of users and servers within minutes in the cloud
  • Ability to have the configurations saved for future test executions
  • Real-time performance monitoring through interactive charts and graphs
  • Finding the performance root cause quickly via innovative connectors at component level
  • Discover the real performance “culprit” during integration phase
  • Performance metrics to do the comparison among different loads
  • Doing stress, load, performance, functional and regressing testing in one place
  • True simulation of geographically distributed users
  • Minimum startup time. Less than a day in most cases
  • Ability to check the performance of Salesforce and non-Salesforce components separately
  • Minimum cost with Cloud infrastructure. Pay as you go model
  • Both cloud and on premise solutions

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