Supported Platforms for Integration testing

Supported Platforms for Integration testing

ITAS provides the ultimate flexibility and choice when it comes to platform integration testing. It supports integration to all major software that connects to Salesforce today. Since every system integration depends upon the customer’s business processes and requirements, ITAS allows configuring the testing automation engine in order to simulate the real users. Pre-built solutions exist for most of the business processes including workflow that exist today. For example, application integration with middleware is recommended for organizations that want to integrate legacy or existing ERP applications with Salesforce. In order to support this business problem, ITAS has already built in connectors to the major ERP applications. Also, in order to do a true data integration testing, ITAS has available drivers for all kinds of databases. Data integration is recommended for the organizations that need to connect their back-office data with the front end applications like Salesforce.

With the Web services plugin that is already shipped with the core product, the testers can build the full life cycle of the business scenario within the SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) for the workflows. Multiple web services test cases can be easily connected with simple drag or drop that allows creating chained test cases. Data can be passed from one test to another at the runtime dynamically. Also, validation can be done at each field level by direct mapping on the databases. This all can be done with couple of mouse clicks on the intuitive web interface.

With a unique flexible architecture, ITAS has the capability to execute the data driven test cases. All the testers need to do is to provide the database location and some mapping rules. Once that configuration is stored in the system, ITAS magically starts executing the testing from the source data and compare all the expected results with the target system in almost no time. This whole configuration process even takes less than a day in most cases.

Business Intelligence reports testing is another area where ITAS performs exceptionally better than its market competitors. With just the configuration only, the testers can start validating all elements on the reports. You can even embed the complicated calculations within the test cases so that the automation engine can automatically verify all those tedious formulas that take hours to validate manually. ITAS currently supports reports build in by Cognos, Business Objects, Jasper, PDF, etc.

Practically, you can simulate the test cases in between Salesforce and any other technology that exist today. We also have separate module included in the product to test any data transformation between the platforms. This allows the team not only doing the front end UI testing but also doing the data integrity checks in the transformations among the systems.

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