Unique benefits of using Salesforce

Unique benefits of using Salesforce

Salesforce is a proven innovator in CRM space that is clearly setting them apart from much of their competition.  Its unique multi-tenant architecture allows the following 4 key benefits for the companies during integration phases:

1. Rapid Time to Value

By using Salesforce platform, integration now takes days or weeks instead of months. There are much faster development life cycle projects as compared to the regular software development projects.

2. Simplicity

Instead of having to support various platforms and multiple versions, salesforce.com makes available a single, platform-based API. This API provides direct, low-level access to all Salesforce applications, data, and metadata.

3. Flexibility and Choice

Customers have the choice to integrated new applications and data sources without doing much programming. All solutions work well with their existing technology stack and infrastructure.

4. Proven Success

Thousands of customers integrate with Salesforce every day. All customers can benefit from proven best practices and integration approaches that have been established over the period of time.

Salesforce.com has a clear advantage over their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) competitors because of the following:

  • Salesforce is championing social CRM and delivering the technology for its customers to achieve social CRM business objectives.
  • Leading the CRM industry in terms of cloud integration, software customization, third party extensibility and ecosystem.
  • Salesforce is CRM application provider as well as a platform and cloud infrastructure company
  • Its unique Visual Process Manager creates workflows and approvals to deliver greater control over routine activities
  • Force.com offers several integration tools ranging from off-the-shelf native ERP connectors to web services, email, syndicated feeds and HTTP-based REST calls
  • The single biggest benefit of Force.com for most organizations incurring software customization is time savings.
  • Proven ability of Salesforce.com to support global deployments.
  • Salesforce.com‘s multi-tenant architecture allows for optimization of computing resources resulting in savings and significant gains in efficiency
  • Advanced APIs to support integration of legacy applications that are currently not residing on the Force.com platform.
  • Salesforce is simple. Three times a year the products updated using code which is completely compatible to the original release and therefore causing no implementation issues.
  • A robust, cloud environment that can provide a high level of flexibility to develop functionality while maintaining enterprise-level security and privacy
  • Scalability of the cloud infrastructure as your business grows without worrying about the uptime and recovery process
  • AppExchange is an online marketplace of integrated third party applications built for the Salesforce.com community, managed by Salesforce
  • The company’s combination of Force.com, PaaS tools and AppExchange lead the SaaS CRM industry in terms of cloud integration, software customization, third party extensibility and ecosystem.
  • Developers spend less time custom coding, actually write fewer lines of custom code and accelerate project timelines. This is an area where Salesforce.com Salesforce.com clearly leads the cloud CRM pack
  • Salesforce helps make sales processes more agile, more efficient, and more effective.
  • Salesforce has designated vertical markets, including communications, financial services, healthcare, high tech, manufacturing, media, non-profit, public sector or retail.
  • Salesforce gives competitive advantage by increasing productivity using enhanced collaboration and information sharing tools.
  • The forecasting capabilities within Salesforce solutions make it easy for sales analysts and financial staff to accurately predict future sales revenue.
  • Customization and personalization capabilities allow the companies to make the sales process more robust and intuitive.



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