What we can do to help the large community of Salesforce

What we can do to help the large community of Salesforce

Salesforce and its integrated platforms are getting more and more complex every day. Thousands of companies are developing native connectors for batch and real time interfaces with the Salesforce cloud. With Fusion’s innovative ITAS (Integrated Test Automation Solution) product, testers can rapidly automate the functional and regression testing along with the performance testing of the entire suite of products within the shortest possible timeframe. It not only reduce the testing cost significantly but also brings downs the complexity of the testing processes while delivering the highest quality products.

Today’s applications are no longer monolithic, residing on a single server with a point-to-point connection. These applications are agile, rapidly assembled from existing and new components and shared services that may exist inside a data center or in the cloud. While this promises applications teams the ability to respond quickly to address the business needs, it also increases the rate of change and complexity for testing teams.

    ITAS offers the following unique benefits to its users and customers community.

  • Providing next generation test automation product (ITAS) that does not require any programming skills.
  • Enterprise integration testing for all platforms that exist in the industry today.
  • Data Integrity automation for all the data related requirements
  • Pre-build and dynamic templates for Salesforce platform reducing the overall time
  • Business folks can easily do the UAT without focusing on the architecture, design and coding of the applications.
  • With innovative connectors, all the data can reside within the Salesforce in order to provide the desired level of data security.
  • No new infrastructure required to run this Test Automation platform for Cloud based option.
  • ITAS can do the integration testing connecting to 3rd party products in order to simulate the real life testing experience
  • Simplicity, flexibility and speed to market are the key ingredients of the ITAS
  • With this unique innovative product, thousands of test cases and scenarios can be executed in a day.
  • Lightning fast performance and reliability.
  • Drive relentless efficiency in automation through powerful user interface
  • Intuitive and customized reporting based upon the company’s needs
  • Large data loading capabilities allow the testers to create thousands of test cases on the daily basis
  • Business rules-based test automation approach
  • Empowerment to the business users in test automation
  • Open architecture to expand framework for new products integration
  • Accelerated process through reuse while providing the flexibility
  • Platform independent methodology giving agility for business expansion
  • Easy maintenance for upcoming releases and patches
  • Robust real time reporting on the testing activities and historical comparison
  • Cutting edge technology optimizing the release process
  • Performance Testing for individual applications as well as integrated solution from the same powerful yet simple user interface
  • Performance testing using thousands of computers in the cloud simultaneously in order to simulate real user experience and load
  • Ability to run the performance testing solution any time and as many times as required.
  • Providing capability to save configuration and benchmarks for future use.
  • Doing stress, load, performance, functional and regression testing in one place.
  • Minimum startup time. Less than a day in most cases.
  • Ability to check the performance of Salesforce and non-Salesforce components
  • Both cloud and on premise solutions providing flexibility to the end users

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