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Mobile Test Automation Using ITAS – Welcome to

Mobile Test Automation Using ITAS

Mobile Test Automation With ITAS

Create and run functional automated tests across wide range of mobile, desktop, web, and middleware technologies with zero coding. A perfect test solution for digital world, extending the mobile automation of Android and iOS platforms.

Key Features

  • Create functional, regression tests for native, web, or hybrid iOS and Android apps
  • Powerful, yet simple Web Services testing interface of ITAS makes back-end testing simple. Simulate 1000s of users by click of a button
  • Security Testing
  • Continuous Integration of Regression Test Suites using ITAS API interface
  • Build in functionality to monitor the server utilization charts in real time

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Test Automation Lifecycle

Key Features

  • Perform stress, load, performance, functional and regressing testing in one place with single object repository
  • Minimum startup time. Less than a day in most cases
  • Minimum cost with Cloud infrastructure. Pay as you go model
  • Drag-n-Drop Visual Designer – No Code Required
  • With simple click, you can expand the number of users and servers within minutes in the cloud

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Recommended by the Salesforce architecture and technology teams. Open architecture ensures the highest level of scalability, integration and performance. ITAS’s advanced scheduler supports batch processing automation. ITAS Dashbaord Reporting provides Real-time monitoring of test executions.

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