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TaaS – Testing as service – Welcome to

TaaS – Testing as service

Fusion’s TaaS Offering – Testing As-a Service

We do it all for you! Fusion has significant experience in implementing DevOps platform. We provide service and support to our clients to configure environments, build full end-to-end automation of CI ecosystem along with test automation and notification and alert system.

Key Offerings

  • Flexible Engagement Model
  • Rapid access to subject matter experts
  • Quick start on project activities
  • Exploit existing technology assets
  • Complete responsibility of quality product
  • Reacts quickly to business changes
  • Little risk for program owners
  • Cost scalable to demand


Fusion’s Core Competencies

Fusion has a flexible delivery model and will accommodate the delivery models that our customer desire. We will be supporting T&M model for software development and test engineering related projects, and fixed bid assessment for administration and support related work, which is more routine and quantified work. Fusion’s selective partner ecosystem with leading firms such as Libelle, Hortonworks, Salesforce, Vlocity etc., offer clients unmatched modernizing and automating of their environments

Key Features

  • Aligning the disciplines of Automation enables Fusion to simultaneously execute projects effectively and accelerate the realization of tangible business value
  • Fusion envisions that IT ecosystem would be moving towards a hybrid cloud platform, and we will be well positioned to help our customers migrate their applications and databases to cloud
  • Fusion’s cloud offering can be cost effective, quick scale up and scale down models can be leveraged for performance testing, and big data solutions
  • Fusion aims to be recognized as a top-tier provider of innovative business technology solutions that generate value and help our customers achieve their goals


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