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Devops – CI Testing Engineering – Welcome to

Devops – CI Testing Engineering

DevOps - Continuous Integration/Continuous Testing With ITAS

ITAS provides environment where building, testing, and releasing software can happen rapidly, frequently, and more reliably can build a delivery pipeline that is highly effective and maximizes the visibility and effectiveness of automation.

Key Features

  • Automate the Test Cycle. Get all tests automated
  • Work with Dev Team to set up an automated “Smoke” or “Gate” Test as criteria to promote from Dev to Test
  • Work with Dev Team to set up automated build and deploy processes
  • Use Cloud or other virtual technology to set up testing environments on demand
  • Integrate the automated testing capability with the Dev Team’s continuous integration capability to establish continuous testing

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When done right, DevOps practices can rapidly increase the speed of release cycles. With ITAS Test Automation, within the continuous delivery pipeline and a solid culture that promotes everyday collaboration between developers and operations staff, IT organizations can drastically release delays that hold up the time it takes to ship code into production.

Key Features

  • Using ITAS, Automating Testing in Continuous Integration, mitigates risks by testing every new iteration of the code, all Scriptless
  • Repeatable & consistent build process
  • Verification of code quality and functionality at every build
  • Test Automation enabling early identification of defects
  • Immediate notification and visibility to team on potential issues

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