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DW/Big Data Testing


Fusion’s ITAS is Pioneer in data integrity automation. Pre-build and pre-configured native connectors for real time testing. ITAS gives ability for creating and executing thousands of test cases daily. Increases scope of testing by covering all the business rules. More accuracy and efficiency via automation. ITAS gives ability to Load, Stress and Volume test data.

Key Features

  • Checking for completeness of every single element in data feed
  • Multiple source and target validations in one place
  • Data integrity through requirements and business rules engine
  • Extract layouts and Dashboards validations
  • Symantec and syntactic rules checking
  • Custom rules Engine testing


Big Data Test Automation With ITAS

Fusion’s ITAS has Pre-build and pre-configured native connectors for hadoop for real time, integration testing. Built in functionality to monitor the server utilization charts in real time. Real-time performance monitoring through interactive charts and graphs. Finding the performance root cause quickly via innovative connectors at component level. ITAS takes minimum startup time, less than a day in most cases to configure and start building test cases. It’s test entry points provide functionality for checking for completeness of every single element in data feed.

Key Features

  • Streamlining the software releases with desired quality and confidence
  • Resolving all integration Testing challenges in Hadoop Platform
  • Less time for onboarding process and speed to market
  • Capacity to test millions of records daily
  • Data integration and synchronization testing
  • Enterprise performance testing platform
  • Ability to run anytime and as many times as you want
  • Minimum cost with Cloud infrastructure. Pay as you go model

ITAS – One Testing Team and Single Object Repository

Run your regression, anytime, unattended with ITAS. In fact, kick it off automatically, when your build gets delivered with ITAS API interface integrating with CI platform. Begin developing your automation scripts before the build arrives. Integrated with other systems? No problem, we support over 50 platforms. How well is your integrated application performing? ITAS can tell you. Run your functional tests in performance mode to generate just about any user load scenario you can dream of.

Key Features

  • Enterprise Solution
  • One Testing Team
  • Cost Savings
  • No Special skills
  • 24 hours turnaround
  • Agility


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