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ITAS Integrated Test Automation – Welcome to

ITAS Integrated Test Automation

ITAS-Integrated Test Automation Solution


Enterprise Test Automation

Fusion’s Cloud ready ITAS empowers its clients in today’s fast paced World, to implement agile testing methodology along with automation. The result is one always stays ahead of the curve. Open architecture ensures the highest level of scalability, integration and performance. It’s API interface makes CI Integration in DevOps model seamless. Execute functional, regression and performance testing using single test case object repository, using one simple interface. It’s powerful test case linking functionality allows user to dynamically test across the heterogeneous platforms.

Key Features

  • Functional Automate, Create Regression and Performance Test suites from central Test Cases Repository in ITAS
  • Well defined architecture provides scalability and lower cost maintenance
  • Speed to market. Shortest possible time required for testing
  • Creating and executing thousands of test cases daily
  • Enterprise Integration to several platforms
  • Plug & Play Architecture without learning new skills


ITAS – Advantage

Automation can help overcome many testing challenges, but traditional automation introduces new challenges…

Traditional Automation


  • Requires expensive developer skillsets
  • Substantial maintenance cost

Cost Effective

  • No development skills necessary to build automation
  • Affordable monthly/yearly pricing that includes maintenance

Limited Technology Support

  • Lack of platform support means you need multiple tools and skillsets to automate an end to end test

Broad Technology Support

  • Supports most platforms and technologies
  • Supports performance testing, so you can use your functional ITAS scripts to generate load against your system


  • Doesn’t integrate well with other tools and open source offerings
  • Requires purchase of expensive tools to integrate


  • Existing integration with many other test and development tools
  • Use your existing tools or select open source offerings

ITAS – For Performance Engineering

Fusion’s ITAS has Pre-build and pre-configured native connectors for most environments, for real time integration testing. Built in functionality to monitor the server utilization charts in real time. Real-time performance monitoring through interactive charts and graphs. Finding the performance root cause quickly via innovative connectors at component level. ITAS takes minimum startup time, less than a day in most cases to configure and start building test cases.

With ITAS, load and performance testing is at finger tips…

  • Enterprise performance testing platform
  • Performance testing of all technology platforms in one simple interface
  • No programming/scripting skills required
  • Performance Testing with real user experience
  • No need to do the functional and performance testing preparations separately.
  • With simple click, you can expand the number of users and servers within minutes in the cloud
  • Real-time performance monitoring through interactive charts and graphs
  • Performance metrics to do the comparison among different loads
  • True simulation of geographically distributed users

ITAS – Key Suported Platforms

Environment Setup

Have ITAS setup the test data for your environments. Because of the vast platform support, ITAS can be configured to backup, clear and load an environment, prior to execution.

True End-to-End Testing

ITAS’s workflow testing feature allows you to string together automated tests from different, down-stream systems. This means you can test web, mainframe, and Web Services with a single test

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