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Case Studies


Business Challenge

Because of extremely complex business rules and multiple system integration points with several different platforms, Client faced number of challenges in rolling out the Tax related products quickly in the market. With the business growing at a rapid pace, it was almost impossible for manual testing team to keep up the pace with agile development.

Technical Challenge

Technology was spread across various technology platforms with complex calculations, complicated set of services layer, busy web interface and large size data warehouse.

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Key Requirements

  • A single tool that can integrate all heterogeneous platforms for the end to end automated integration and performance testing.
  • Automation Tool that can run seamlessly in DevOps model with automated build and deployment process and provides continuous integration without any manual intervention.
  • Generates automated defects log and run all testing reports from one single platform using Microsoft Team Foundation Serve
  • Easy adoption by diverse business and IT teams and scalable to meet every day increasing demands.

None of the existing market standard tools have these requirements readily available.

Success through Innovation

ITAS comes with innovative solutions meeting all key requirements. After initial ITAS demo and evaluation, Deloitte team decided to go for a proof of concept for one of the most complex scenario. ITAS product engineer got engaged with Deloitte’s expert and after 8 weeks of rigorous evaluation and successful POC, Deloitte made a decision to adopt ITAS as their main choice of platform for test automation.

Enhanced capabilities and unique connectors in ITAS allow creating test cases for true end to end business process that can span across the heterogeneous platforms.

ITAS unique user friendly web interface enables easy adoption without requiring any programming skills. Not requiring any technical skills, all different levels of business and IT users can easily create and execute test cases within few hours of basic training.
ITAS scalable “Zero code” model also enables QA teams to run performance testing simulating hundreds of users without any scripting or coding.

ITAS Open Architecture

Tangible Benefits

Application that used to take 36 hours of single regression test run, now take 7 minutes of ITAS automation run, a 99.7% improvement per run, resulting in exponential dollar savings and agility in test and deployment of new release

Next Step

Client is looking to expand the usage of ITAS (unique test automation product) for doing the performance testing of their other Tax related applications.

ITAS (Integrated Test Automation Solution) is a proprietary test automation tool of Fusion Systems and
Services Inc. For more information and free demo, please contact demo@ITAS.com

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