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09 Jun 2018


Essentially, exploratory testing is a software testing approach which is executed without any previously developed documentation, test cases, or checklists. Therefore, a tester creates and runs tests based on his knowledge regarding the product. Overall experience and extensive technical background of QA engineers also play a big role, helping them execute tests more accurately.

This testing type is convenient because a tester does not need to spend much time and energy creating test documentation. At the same time, the testing process is more intuitive and fast. The tester can determine at what stage the exploratory testing can be used to bring the greatest benefit, thereby mixing that with other testing types. This can be a solid step for a deeper understanding of the product. Thus, in the future, this will allow QAs to create more practical and useful tests. Finally, it could improve software not only from a technical but also from a business point.

Exploratory testing includes many approaches. A tester can methodically reproduce real user behavior or perform a series of operations that a real user would never do. The goal is to just “explore” until you run into a bug, confusing UX, or a functionality error. Exploratory testing can also serve as a final check of software quality, helping QAs to determine potential weaknesses and failures before an application goes to the production.

09 May 2018

Mobile Test Automation

The trend of mobile app development continues to grow as mobile devices are increasingly more capable.

To fully support DevOps, mobile test automation must be a part of DevOps toolchains. However, the current utilization of mobile test automation is very low, partly due to the lack of methods and tools.

The trend of automated testing for mobile app continues to increase. This trend is driven by the need to shorten time-to-market and more advanced methods and tools for mobile test automation.

The integration between cloud-based mobile device labs like Kobiton and test automation tools like Katalon may help in bringing mobile automation to the next level.