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Transforming Salesforce Challenges Into Opportunities

FusionSystems specializes in providing comprehensive Salesforce services to optimize your CRM experience. With certified experts, we offer tailored solutions, seamless implementation, integration, and data migration. We provide ongoing support, custom development, and insightful analytics, empowering your business with the full potential of Salesforce while ensuring security and compliance.
Salesforce gives organizations the ability for continuous, scalable innovation and growth so businesses can adapt quickly and securely to new priorities. As businesses grow, so too will their needs, and a flexible Salesforce org keeps the engine humming.
But errors can (and do!) happen, and this is all the more likely for organizations with larger and more complex development projects.

FusionSystems Salesforce DevOps services empower optimized, scalable, and reliable development operations. This allows organizations to minimize errors, but still adapt and innovate quickly in the long run.

Salesforce DevOps

Data Analysis & Enrichment

FusionSystems effectively analyzes data quality issues, strategically manages databases, and delivers enhanced data via API or ETL middleware, enabling well-informed decision-making.
FusionSystems Salesforce DevOps solutions streamline processes, improve data quality, and optimize Salesforce environments. Empower your team and unlock Salesforce's full potential with FusionSystems.

Environment Management

Craft your Salesforce strategy with FusionSystems expert DevOps. Starting from custom deployment, we enhance backups and version control for streamlined and efficient change management.
Empower your team with FusionSystems Salesforce DevOps solutions, where we streamline processes from Data Analysis and Enrichment to Environment Management. Our aim is to enhance data quality and optimize Salesforce environments, helping you unlock your Salesforce potential.

Continuous Integration

Automate code deployment on commit with continuous integration, incorporating code quality checks, Apex unit tests, and QA automation for enhanced efficiency and ongoing agile program improvements.
FusionSystems Continuous Integration streamlines Salesforce DevOps, accelerating code integration, testing, and deployment. Elevate your Salesforce development with FusionSystems CI for efficiency, quality, and innovation.


Standard DevOps Automation Process

7 DevOps Practices For Outstanding Results


Why choose FusionSystems for Salesforce DevOps

Salesforce Testing Services

Achieve higher operational efficiency and greater confidence in your results with Salesforce Testing Services. We provide you and your teams with a wide range of customized testing capabilities to help you roll out new features without bugs and other worries.


Continuous Integration Best Practice


Why FusionSystems for Salesforce Testing?

FusionSystems has a team of Salesforce testing experts who have deep domain experience and proven testing skills with vendor-agnostic resources. Our custom-tailored testing approach will help you with the following:

FusionSystems Process

Salesforce Expertise

Complete Transparency

Agile Methodology


Achieve Agility in DevOps


Health Care

Perform proper investigations for patient data and generate different reports to diagnose and provide meaningful analysis. Our testing professional work directly with healthcare professionals and gain knowledge for the healthcare paradigm.


We have a team of domain experts that understand sales and marketing business needs, and work in sync with business and marketing professionals to test and implement the right solution for salesforce industries.

Professional Services

We are experts in the Service Cloud applications. Our team of testing experts work directly with professional services experts to help them with testing or maintaining customer accounts, contacts and reports in Salesforce.

Test Automation LifeCycle

Key Features


GUI Test Automation with ITAS

Testing across a wide variety of browsers for ever changing applications has always been a monumental task. With frequent software release cycles, testing software in agile mode including comprehensive coverage is of paramount importance. Speed to market is not a new paradigm and all business and IT departments would like to streamline the testing methodologies and practices. Using ITAS, it is possible to test software on hourly basis without requiring additional resources, skill set and compromising time and quality.

Fusion’s ITAS has pre-built and pre-configured native connectors for most environments, for real time integration testing. Built in functionality to monitor the server utilization charts in real time. Real-time performance monitoring through interactive charts and graphs. Finding the performance root cause quickly via innovative connectors at component level. ITAS takes minimum startup time, less than a day in most cases to configure and start building test cases

Automate testing for any SAP application using ITAS SAP plug in. ITAS is agnostic to the technology the interface is developed in. ITAS can Test Automate any thick client interface, or any browser based application

Salesforce and its integrated platforms are getting more and more complex every day. Thousands of companies are developing native connectors for batch and real time interfaces with the Salesforce cloud. With Fusion’s innovative ITAS (Integrated Test automation Solution) product, testers can rapidly automate the functional and regression testing along with the performance testing of the entire suite of products within the shortest possible timeframe. It not only reduce the testing cost significantly but also brings downs the complexity of the testing processes while delivering the highest quality products.

ITAS provides environment where building, testing, and releasing software can happen rapidly, frequently, and more reliably can build a delivery pipeline that is highly effective and maximizes the visibility and effectiveness of automation.


Org Assessment In Salesforce

At FusionSystems, we understand that your Salesforce organization is a crucial asset, and its health and efficiency can greatly impact your business success. That’s why we offer comprehensive Salesforce Org Assessment services designed to empower your organization, maximize its potential, and drive efficiency.

Why Choose FusionSystems

Your Salesforce org is a critical asset, and its optimization can lead to significant business benefits. With FusionSystems Salesforce Org Assessment services, you’re not just getting an evaluation; you’re getting a roadmap to a more efficient and effective Salesforce environment. Contact us today to unlock your Salesforce success.

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