ITAS Dashboard

ITAS Dashboard

Operational Monitoring

Fusion Dashboard offers vast capabilities for standard and ad hoc analysis Business professionals. For administrators, dashboard provides unified interface for servers, services and application monitoring…


With Fusion Dashboard, you can automatically supply different user groups with individual reports, analysis, and monitoring on corporate servers and applications and interactive dashboards.

Portal Integration

With Fusion Systems dashboard portal integration capabilities, you can create links to individual offline reports, embed reports with their full analytic functionality, or even integrate an interactive application.

Mobile BI

With the Fusion BI App, you can quickly and easily navigate dashboards and reports on mobile devices. Zoom into individual charts, dynamically change filters, analyze your numbers, monitor developments, detect outliers

Fusion Reporting Dashboard

Fusion Dashboard provides powerful capabilities for building dashboards that provide a clear overview of key performance indicators and benchmarks – for variety of different projects, one or more departments, or even your company as a whole.

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