ITAS Dashboard

ITAS Dashboard

Operational Monitoring

Fusion Dashboard offers vast capabilities for standard and ad hoc analysis Business professionals. For administrators, dashboard provides unified interface for servers, services and application monitoring…


With Fusion Dashboard, you can automatically supply different user groups with individual reports, analysis, and monitoring on corporate servers and applications and interactive dashboards.

Portal integration

With Fusion Systems dashboard portal integration capabilities, you can create links to individual offline reports, embed reports with their full analytic functionality, or even integrate an interactive application.

Mobile BI

With the Fusion BI App, you can quickly and easily navigate dashboards and reports on mobile devices. Zoom into individual charts, dynamically change filters, analyze your numbers, monitor developments, detect outliers

Tableau - Your Visual Interface to Data

In the current aggressive business condition, utilizing the data resources of an association is vital to building effective worldwide business endeavors of the future. Multiple organizations burn through a huge number of dollars on business knowledge/information warehousing (BI/DW) arrangements, yet these activities have yielded not as much as expected rate of return (ROI) as they have neglected to distinguish and address the basic angles impacting the result of these business activities.
Following are the some features that you are looking for your business and we can help you out from this:

Wide Database Support

Tableau integration with TestRunner support any database or stage. Going above and beyond, it should likewise construct applications that can pull information from different wellsprings of information.

Real-time Information

Tableau with TestRunner makes applications that convey constant information straightforwardly from our database.

Ad-hoc reporting

Ad-hoc reports let end users make and share work at run time. Clients select the information components they wish to find in the report at run-time, and afterward, send out the report to an organization.

Tableau Dashboard

You will get following services with our Tableau Integration

Intuitive analytics and data visualization

Connect & Prepare your Data

With Tableau, you can connect to virtually any data source. Work with any shape, size, and type of data, whether on-premises, in cloud applications, or flat files. Hybrid connectivity supports both live analysis and bringing data in-memory via encrypted extracts.

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